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The smoke fruit, classified as a type, is available at a price of 100k beli or an alternative of 250 robux. Its present trading value is100k, reflecting its position in the market. The demand for it is currently 1/10. Our expert team estimates its trend is to be Stable.

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Smoke - Overview

  • The Smoke Fruit, categorized as a Common Elemental-type Blox Fruit, is available for 100,000 Money or 250 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer.

  • Despite being both inexpensive and a Common fruit, the Smoke Fruit is highly esteemed for use in the First Sea and PvP. It boasts multiple stunning attacks, delivers commendable damage for its rarity, and can unleash infinite damage with its F ability.
In-Game Price100k
Trade Value100k

Usually Traded for


In-Game Price

Trade Value

In-Game Price

Trade Value



Elemental ReflexThe wielder gains immunity to all physical attacks (Fighting Style, Sword, and Gun) unless the attacker is imbued with Aura or, in the case of an NPC, is of a higher level. This immunity applies to non-boss enemies, with some exceptions.icon


Selected Ability

Smoke Slam

Z-Key Smoke Slam IconSmoke Slam1 Mastery
  • The user turns their hand into smoke, then slams it onto the ground, dealing damage to the target.

Pros & Cons


  • Possesses immunity to elemental effects.
  • Surprisingly effective for bounty hunting and executing combos.
  • Yields notably high damage compared to other fruits within a similar price range.
  • The [X] and [C] moves deliver decent stuns.
  • Exceptional for combos, especially when paired with Electric Claw.
  • The move Smoke Bomber proves extremely useful for early-game grinding, requiring only 10 mastery.
  • Exhibits low energy usage.
  • Has minimal mastery requirements, simplifying the acquisition of other moves.
  • Being an Elemental-type fruit, it stands out as an excellent choice for beginners.
  • Affordably priced and frequently in stock.
  • One of the top choices for grinding, particularly for lower-level players, but can still be decent for higher levels.
  • The [C] move, Smoke Liberation, disrupts Instinct.
  • Possesses flying capabilities akin to most other Elemental-type fruits.
  • Considering its cost-effectiveness, it excels in grinding scenarios.


  • The fruit's range is not as extensive when compared to other fruits.
  • Dodging Smoke Slam through Instinct is a rare occurrence.
  • Smoke Blast's effectiveness diminishes with its short to medium-range limitations.
  • Some players may employ Flash Step to evade Smoke Blast Slashes after being hit.
  • Smoke Liberation can be predictable, allowing players to dodge by quickly using a dash before the user executes the move.
  • During the use of Smoke Bomber, if hit by a player or NPC, flight movement is halted.
  • Water, like all other fruits except Ice/Magma V2 (unless equipped with Shark V2/V3), follows the general rules.

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