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Welcome to 123Demands!

I'm Danny123d, the founder of this platform, and I'm thrilled to have you here. Allow me to introduce myself and share a bit about our mission, expertise, and commitment to providing an exceptional trading experience. Special thanks go to Jano and Peter for their invaluable contributions in bringing this website to life. I also want to express my gratitude to Skaaerz and Slistrz for their ongoing support, ensuring an exceptional user experience. Thank you all for being integral to our success.

With a background in college and years of playing and trading on Roblox games, I recognized the need for a better trading experience within the community. I wanted to create a platform that would make it easier for Roblox players to trade and provide them with a more user-friendly environment.

At 123Demands, our mission is simple: to create a more friendly and streamlined trading experience for Roblox players. We dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to ensure that all item values on our platform are up to date. We understand the importance of accurate information when it comes to trading, and our team works tirelessly to provide the most current and reliable values. Our commitment to keeping values up to date is aimed at giving you a better trading experience, where you can make informed decisions and have confidence in the trades you make.

We've achieved some significant milestones, including becoming the largest trading Discord bot and platform for Counter Blox. Additionally, we're proud to have partnered with renowned games like Arm Wrestling Simulator, which boasts an average player base of 150k and many more exciting collaborations.

By utilizing our platform, you'll benefit from having a comprehensive understanding of item values in various games. This knowledge gives you the upper hand when it comes to trading, as you'll be aware of items in high demand versus those with lower demand. We've also developed a trade calculator to help you efficiently assess the value of items in your trades. Moreover, our platform offers a way for traders to advertise their desired trades, making it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

If you have any questions, feedback, or would like to get in touch, you can send me a message on Roblox via my username, Danny123d. Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email at [email protected].

Thank you for visiting 123Demands. We're excited to be part of your trading journey on Roblox and provide you with an exceptional trading experience.

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Founder of 123Demands

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