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The portal fruit, classified as a type, is available at a price of 1.9m beli or an alternative of 2k robux. Its present trading value is6m, reflecting its position in the market. The demand for it is currently 7/10. Our expert team estimates its trend is to be Stable.

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Portal - Overview

  • The Portal Fruit (formerly known as the Door Fruit), categorized as a Legendary Natural type, is priced at 1,900,000 Money or 2,000 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer.

  • This fruit endows the user with the ability to teleport to any island using the [C] World Warp ability and can create portals both on land and in the air. Renowned as the best Blox Fruit for Fruit Hunting and evading Bounty Hunters, it is arguably the top choice for mobility and travel. Additionally, its [V] Dimensional Rift ability makes it suitable for one-on-one fights.

  • Thanks to its extremely mobile skills, the Portal Fruit can evade typical stuns like Rumble, Dough, and Buddha.
In-Game Price1.9m
Trade Value6m

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In-Game Price

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Selected Ability

Portal Jump

LMB KeyPortal JumpNone
  • When tapping or clicking, the user jumps forward with great speed while backflipping, and leaps off of any nearby objects. This move does not deal damage and does not collide with NPCs or players. It has a 4-second cooldown.

Pros & Cons


  • General:
    • Best mobility fruit in the game with 4 mobility moves.
    • Good for avoiding and escaping fights.
    • Great for PVP with unpredictable attack patterns and counter to Instinct's player detection.
    • Decent for grinding with all moves having AoE stun.
    • Highly valuable in trading.
  • [M1] Portal Jump:
    • Extends reach of skills or combos.
    • Provides unpredictable movements to confuse enemies.
  • [Z] Portal Dash:
    • Good stun and AoE.
    • Decent combo starter.
    • Last hit breaks Instinct.
  • [X] Parallel Escape:
    • Breaks Instinct.
    • Stuns nearby enemies.
    • Renders user invisible/invincible briefly.
    • Can be used for grinding and escaping combos.
  • [C] World Warp:
    • Teleports to any island in the current sea.
    • Useful for boss hopping and chasing.
  • [V] Dimensional Rift:
    • Breaks Instinct.
    • Large hitbox.
    • Creates a private dimension for 1v1s or trapping cheaters.
    • Good for dealing with runners and has combo potential.
  • [F] Quantum Leap:
    • Can deal massive damage if stacked correctly.
    • Easy to grind with.



  • Mediocre damage, not suitable for Fruit mains.
  • Mainly close-ranged attacks with no ranged moves.
  • Requires precise aiming and timing.
  • Not recommended for Sea Beast hunts.
  • High mastery requirement for early-game players.
  • [M1] Portal Jump:
    • Does not deal damage.
  • [Z] Portal Dash:
    • Can be difficult to hit in PVP without stun or at long range.
    • Mostly focuses on one target, less viable for NPC grinding.
  • [X] Parallel Escape:
    • Can be hard to hit in PVP without stun.
    • Low damage.
    • Vulnerable to certain abilities like Buddha's F move.
  • [C] World Warp:
    • No damage.
    • Players can pass through it.
    • Cannot return.
    • Long cooldown.
  • [V] Dimensional Rift:
    • Drains significant energy over time.
    • Only useful on players; NPC interaction is glitchy.
  • [F] Quantum Leap:
    • Slow damage output.
    • Not very useful in PVP beyond positioning.]

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