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The phoenix fruit, classified as a type, is available at a price of 1.8m beli or an alternative of 2k robux. Its present trading value is2.25m, reflecting its position in the market. The demand for it is currently 3/10. Our expert team estimates its trend is to be Stable.

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phoenix - overview

  • The Phoenix Fruit (previously known as "Bird: Phoenix Fruit"), classified as a Legendary Beast type, is priced at 1,800,000 Money or 2,000 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer.

  • This fruit possesses the ability to heal or support teammates, coupled with its large Area of Effect (AoE). Notably, it consumes the most energy among fruits. Additionally, it is considered decently effective for sea events, primarily due to its awakened [F] move, which grants the user the ability to fly.
In-Game Price1.8m
Trade Value2.25m

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In-Game Price

Trade Value

In-Game Price

Trade Value



Feathers ImmortalityTransformation grants the user a 15% reduction in damage from all attacks and the ability to fly.



Z KeyCannon1 Mastery
  • The user charges up a flaming blow and releases them forward to make a powerful mid-range attack with high knockback, Similar to Gravity's Z move. This move's range increases by about x5 while transformed.



LMB Tap IconTapN/AFragmentIcon 4,000 4,000
  • The user dashes forward in the direction of the cursor, slightly stunning the enemies and creating an explosion after the dash. Consumes 40 energy.

Pros & Cons


  • Both V1 and V2:
    • Hard to be killed as long as stamina is available due to Regeneration Flames or Blue Flames.
    • Excellent support fruit for boss fights or Raids, capable of healing teammates.
    • Good for bounty hunting as players can heal and evade loss of Bounty/Honor.
    • Stun immunity in certain cases, beneficial in PvP scenarios.
    • Drains energy slowly, with the full form mode lasting 7-8 minutes with max melee stat.
    • Good for raids due to healing capabilities.
    • Phoenix's (Not transformed) Z move can break Instinct. Phoenix's (Transformed) Z and C move can break Instinct.
  • V2:
    • Swift Flight provides an advantage against ground-based fruit users.
    • Phoenix Awakened Tap serves as a 2nd dash, with low cooldown making it spammable.
    • Second tankiest fruit in the game once awakened due to damage reduction and knockback effect.
    • Swift Flight doesn't require holding down the key to stay airborne, offering relief from continuous pressing.
    • Large AoE and high damage with attacks.
    • Z move is an instant ken-breaking move, effective in PvP.
  • V1:
    • Third fastest flight speed when transformed.
  • V2 (Transformed):
    • V move deals great damage upon transforming.


  • Both V1 and V2:
    • Full Transformation drains more energy as the player moves, leaving them vulnerable if snapped out of form.
    • V1 has only 2 actual attack skills.
    • V2 requires 400 mastery and 1000 fragments or a 1M+ fruit for hosting the raid, making it challenging to awaken.
    • Not ideal for grinding due to being a Beast fruit and lack of stun moves (V1).
    • Knockback makes grinding difficult.
    • Water is a danger unless equipped with Shark V2 or V3.
    • Moves are hard to hit, with small hitboxes and requiring aiming skills.
  • V1:
    • Below average for combos due to lack of stun moves and inconsistency with other skills.
  • V2:
    • X move is impractical for offensive use in PvP.
    • Tap has a bug where the explosion won't hit the enemy.
    • Transformed F move is hard to hit.
    • Recently heavily nerfed, with decreased damage on all moves, added end lag, reduced passive defense in Phoenix form, and reduced healing speed.
    • Flight consumes 100 energy.
    • Causes lag, especially Z and C moves, surpassing Blizzard's V and Magma's V in terms of lag. Not recommended for mobile users.

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