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The permanent sound fruit, classified as a type, is available at a price of 1.7m beli or an alternative of 1.9k robux. Its present trading value is150m, reflecting its position in the market. The demand for it is currently 4/10. Our expert team estimates its trend is to be Stable.

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permanent sound


Permanent Sound

Sound - Overview

The Sound Fruit is a Legendary Natural-type Blox Fruit, available for 1,700,000 Money or 1,900 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer.

  • This fruit boasts AoE properties across all its abilities, making it highly versatile for both grinding and PvP. Players often favor this fruit for its ability to deal high AoE damage, with the [V] move standing out for its exceptional range.

  • Despite its potent AoE capabilities, it also offers decent combo potential, making it a valuable asset in PvP encounters. Overall, the Sound Fruit sees frequent use in PvP scenarios and is occasionally employed for grinding tasks due to its versatility and high damage output.
In-Game Price1.7m
Trade Value150m

Usually Traded for


In-Game Price

Trade Value

In-Game Price

Trade Value



Tempo AuraMoves used in the golden mode turn gold, deal increased damage, and have reduced cooldowns. The Tempo Meter can be filled by either holding [F] Tempo: Prestissimo or hitting enemies with this fruit's abilities. The meter lasts for 10 seconds. At maximum capacity, the user and nearby allies gain a shield reducing incoming damage by 20%, a 50% speed increase, and moves deal 10% more damage. It's recommended to use Rabbit v3 for additional speed, as an alternative to Leopard V.


Rhapsody Notes

Z KeyRhapsody Notes1 Mastery
  • The user shoots out three projectile notes on the first use horizontally, five on the second use horizontally, and five on the third use vertically at where the cursor aims at. Projectiles explode and deal damage to enemies on impact.

Pros & Cons


  • General:
    • All moves are area-of-effect (AoE), making them effective against multiple targets.
  • Z: Rhapsody Notes:
    • The move can be spammed for the first 3 uses and has a 10-second cooldown.
    • Minimal knockbacks are inflicted.
  • X: Fortissimo:
    • Provides decent knockback.
  • C: Symphonic Radiance:
    • Auto-aims, making it easier to target enemies.
    • Offers decent knockback and boasts a large AoE.
    • Inflicts more damage at the beginning.
    • Useful for farming and Raids as it groups enemies together.
    • Breaks Instinct.
  • V: Glorious Harmony:
    • Highly effective against crowds of people or NPCs.
    • Deals high damage.
  • F: Tempo: Prestissimo:
    • Excellent mobility move with decent speed.
    • Refills the Tempo Meter during flight.


  • General:
    • Slow cooldowns for all moves.
  • Z: Rhapsody Notes:
    • Full damage is not guaranteed due to the distance between projectiles.
    • Momentary immobilization after usage.
  • X: Fortissimo:
    • Limited range.
    • Ineffective against Sea Beasts.
  • C: Symphonic Radiance:
    • Damage dramatically reduced if hitting enemies multiple times in one use.
    • Inability to move while activating the move.
    • Random beam direction with no stacking on a single player.
  • V: Glorious Harmony:
    • User gets stunned for a while upon using the move.
    • Small attraction range and long startup time.
  • F: Tempo: Prestissimo:
    • Slow flight speed until max tempo meter is reached.
    • Requires a long time to achieve faster flight speed.

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