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The permanent sand fruit, classified as a type, is available at a price of 420k beli or an alternative of 850 robux. Its present trading value is70m, reflecting its position in the market. The demand for it is currently 2/10. Our expert team estimates its trend is to be Stable.

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permanent sand


Permanent Sand

Sand - Overview

  • The Sand Fruit, falling under the Uncommon Elemental type, can be purchased for 420,000 Money or 850 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer.

  • While the unawakened version of Sand may not shine in PvP, it can serve adequately for grinding due to its Elemental properties. However, upon awakening, Sand demonstrates remarkable improvements in hitboxes, damage output, speed, stun capability, and versatility. As a result, it emerges as an outstanding choice for PvP and bounty hunting, despite its modest cost.
In-Game Price420k
Trade Value70m

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In-Game Price

Trade Value

In-Game Price

Trade Value



Elemental ReflexThe wielder gains immunity to all physical attacks (fighting style, sword, and gun) unless the attacker is imbued with Aura or, in the case of an NPC, is of a higher level. This immunity does not apply to bosses.
Sand DissolveSand users suffer double damage when in water, unless they possess the Shark V2, V3, or V4 race.


Selected Ability

Desert Sword

Z-Key Desert Sword IconDesert Sword1 Mastery
  • The player creates a burst of sand in front of themselves, launching anyone hit by it up in the air and dealing a decent amount of damage.


Selected Ability

Desert Blade

Z-Key Desert Blade IconDesert Blade1 MasteryFragmentation 500
  • The player creates a long-range high-speed burst of sand in a straight line in front of themselves, launching anyone hit by it up in the air and dealing good damage, while slightly stunning them in the process. This move can be used in the air, but will form on the ground.

Pros & Cons


  • Possesses exceptional combo potential when awakened.
  • Desert Blade boasts a generous hitbox and performs admirably at a distance.
  • Ideal for tackling Bosses due to its effective stuns and damage output.
  • Particularly suited for beginners due to its Elemental type classification and respectable damage output.
  • Well-suited for Sword or Gun users thanks to its impressive combo capabilities, despite most Sand users being fruit enthusiasts.
  • As an Elemental fruit, it grants immunity to Elemental attacks from NPCs.
  • Features potent stuns that prove advantageous in PvP encounters when awakened.
  • Excellent for engaging in PvP and bounty hunting when in its awakened state, especially considering its affordability.
  • Exhibits formidable damage potential when awakened.
  • Displays reliable hitboxes when awakened.
  • Executes swift movements when awakened.
  • Sand pairs seamlessly with fighting styles that emphasize combo potential.
  • Easy to grasp and adapt to.
  • Awakened Sand performs decently in aerial battles.
  • Sandstorm suspends opponents in the air briefly after dissipating, allowing for unhindered attacks.
  • Heavy Sand boasts impressive speed and damage output.
  • Sand C (unawakened) complements Sand X (awakened) effectively, facilitating easy combos by bringing enemies back to the ground.
  • Awakened Sand offers moves that aren't confined to the ground, unlike its V1 counterpart, which primarily focuses on ground-based maneuvers.


  • Suffers double damage when submerged in water, unless equipped with the Shark Race.
  • Both unawakened and awakened flight maneuvers are notably sluggish compared to counterparts from other fruits.
  • The X move targets only a single opponent, leaving the user vulnerable to attacks from other players. This limitation also makes it less efficient for grinding. Although the explosion from the unawakened X move inflicts some damage to nearby adversaries, it still focuses primarily on one target, with the user unable to maneuver during the attack.
  • While Sand X is active, adversaries cannot be damaged solely by the user (with the exception of Cyborg V3), emphasizing the importance of timing moves effectively.
  • Landing the X move imposes a "disable" period of 1.8 seconds on the user, during which they cannot execute other moves, dash, or use Flash Step, thereby complicating combo execution, especially when Sand X is initiated from a distance. This delay also leaves the user vulnerable when facing multiple opponents.

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