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The ice fruit, classified as a type, is available at a price of 350k beli or an alternative of 750 robux. Its present trading value is550k, reflecting its position in the market. The demand for it is currently 3/10. Our expert team estimates its trend is to be Stable.

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Ice - Overview

  • The Ice Fruit, an Uncommon Elemental-type Blox Fruit, can be acquired for 350,000 Money or 750 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer.

  • Ice is highly favored among players engaging in Bounty Hunting, grinding, and PvP, thanks to its impressive stuns and moderate damage output, facilitating effective combos. Its accessibility makes it particularly advantageous for novice bounty hunters, given the ease of landing stuns. Moreover, Ice serves as a potent counter against fruits like Buddha, courtesy of its long-range and wide-reaching stun capabilities.
In-Game Price350k
Trade Value550k

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In-Game Price

Trade Value

In-Game Price

Trade Value



Elemental ReflexWhen you have this, you won't get hurt by regular punches, swords, or bullets unless they're powered up with Aura or if the attacker is way stronger than you.
Ice TridentIf you choose Ice, you get a cool ice trident! Click the left mouse button to slash with it. It can even hurt those using the Chop ability because it counts as a fruit attack. Also, adding points to your "Sword" stat won't make the trident stronger since it's more like a fruit attack than a sword.
Frost WalkerWith this, you can walk on water by turning it into ice beneath your feet, kind of like how Magma V2 works. But be careful, it'll use up some of your energy. It costs 4 energy for each ice block you create, and the faster you move, the more energy it'll drain.


Ice Spears

Z-Key Ice Spears IconIce Spears1 Mastery
  • The user fires a barrage of ice shards that damage the enemy. (Does not break Instinct if it didn't touch the ground)


Cold Storm

Z-Key Cold Storm IconCold Storm1 MasteryFragmentIcon 500 500
  • The user fires a hurricane-like object, which travels at a slow speed towards the cursor. Upon contact with the enemy, it will slowly deal decent damage and the enemy will be stunned for the duration of the move (a few seconds). This move can sometimes break Instinct.

Pros & Cons


  • Classified as an Elemental fruit, ideal for farming due to its immunity and stunning capabilities.
  • Equipped with an ice trident sword that isn't influenced by sword stats, similar to Light, benefiting fruit enthusiasts by eliminating the need to allocate stats to the sword, thus avoiding damage limitation.
  • All moves (except the F Ability) disrupt Instinct.
  • Boasts a generous hitbox, with V1 and V2's final move covering a wide radius.
  • Impressive stuns, with most moves capable of freezing opponents in place.
  • Exhibits good mobility, particularly when awakened, thanks to Ice Skating [F], although it drains significant energy when dodging or utilizing Ice Skating.
  • Offers exceptional combo potential and features a multi-target move set.
  • Stuns prove advantageous for Raids, Boss battles, and grinding NPC's.
  • Effective AoE capabilities can counter Buddha.
  • Cold Storm [Z] inflicts decent damage and stuns opponents for a few seconds, facilitating combos.
  • Absolute Zero [V] boasts a vast AoE, significant damage, and stunning effects, establishing it as one of the most lethal moves in the game.
  • Frozen Dragon [C] possesses good range, decent damage, and stunning effects, synergizing well with V, Z, X, or sword/gun combos. Notably, the longer the dragon travels, the longer the stun effect lasts.
  • Does not require holding, unlike Dark V2, making it a solid choice for stun enthusiasts with slower reaction times.
  • Ice Skating aids in evading or pursuing fleeing opponents due to its high speed, though caution is advised as speed decreases with lower health, akin to Light's F move, Light Flight, and Shining Light. In low-health scenarios, normal dashing is recommended.
  • Unawakened use of the C move is recommended for its quicker launch speed, albeit with reduced range compared to its awakened counterpart.


  • Upon activating Glacial Epoch or Absolute Zero, users are restricted from utilizing any other move until the effects thaw out.
  • V1 moves are ineffective in mid-air, and V2 moves are primarily tailored for ground-based combat.
  • Engaging in activities such as Ice Skating [F] or dodging with the ice effect on water significantly drains stamina and energy.
  • Ice Surge [X] and Glacial Epoch [V] lose functionality when executed in mid-air.
  • Moves like Ice Surge [X] and Glacial Surge [X] inflict considerable knockback, making them less suitable for grinding unless utilized as finishing blows.
  • Ice Skating [F] depletes stamina rapidly when traversing water, except when swimming or employing Ice F, similar to dodging maneuvers.
  • Ice Spears possess a small hitbox, rendering them easy to evade.
  • Ice Bird and Frozen Dragon's stun duration now varies depending on the distance between the user and the target, replacing the previous fixed 2-second stun.
  • Absolute Zero is restricted to ground-level activation, no longer functioning at elevated heights as per the Update 17 Part 2 revision.
  • Glacial Epoch fails to affect players or NPCs in mid-air, leaving it susceptible to evasion through sky camping or aerial maneuvers.
  • Both Ice V1 and V2 moves primarily cater to ground-based combat, resulting in suboptimal performance in aerial skirmishes, akin to magma and sand abilities.
  • Ice Skating [F] experiences a speed reduction with decreasing health, hindering escape maneuvers during combat.
  • The Shark race's enhanced water speed bonus is mostly nullified by the Frost Walker Passive, which prevents direct contact with water. However, it's still possible to utilize this buff under certain circumstances.

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