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The ghost fruit, classified as a type, is available at a price of 940k beli or an alternative of 1.27k robux. Its present trading value is800k, reflecting its position in the market. The demand for it is currently 3/10. Our expert team estimates its trend is to be Stable.

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Ghost - Overview

  • The Ghost Fruit (formerly known as Revive), categorized as a Rare Natural type, is priced at 940,000 Money or 1,275 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer.

  • This Blox Fruit offers unique skills controlled from the dead, providing users with good mobility and a potent passive ability known as "Resurrection."
In-Game Price940k
Trade Value800k

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In-Game Price

Trade Value

In-Game Price

Trade Value



ResurrectionUpon death, the user automatically resurrects with 50% HP. A message will notify the user, stating "Beware, you are on your last life!" Additionally, the user's physical avatar in-game transforms into a translucent greenish ghost with a glowing aura, resembling the effects of Ghost V or Ghost F.
Vengeful SoulStriking an enemy causes their screen to turn greenish, akin to the effect seen in V4 Rabbit when the Race Awakening bar is full. Simultaneously, if the user lands multiple hits, a green skull will materialize in the middle of the enemy's screen.


Shivering Possession

Z KeyShivering Possession1 Mastery
  • The user dashes and any enemies dashed into are covered in ectoplasm with ice and explode. This move is similar to Shadow's Z.

Pros & Cons


  • Effective for grinding and PvP.
  • Features fast cooldowns.
  • Inflicts small knockback.
  • Very short cast time and endlag.
  • [Z] Shivering Possession: Provides slight stun and deals good damage.
  • [X] Spectral Release: Particularly potent when paired with [V] Ghost Busters. Offers decent area-of-effect damage.
  • [C] Cries of the Underworld: Deals constant damage with great range. Drains Instinct and is strong when combined with [V] Ghost Busters. Unlike its previous version, Revive, this move deals damage.
  • [V] Ghost Busters: Similar to Besto Freindo but more aggressive. Effective in aerial combat, spawns copies of yourself, and interacts well with other moves. Useful for meat shielding and can confuse opponents by diverting their attacks toward the ghosts. Accessories such as the Zebra Cap/Choppa Hat can further reduce cooldown, allowing for effective spamming.
  • Very effective for farming mastery as the clones grant mastery for each kill.
  • [F] Wandering Soul: Offers control over your ghosts, useful for travel and escaping. Faster and longer-lasting than its predecessor, Revive's Wandering Soul.


  • Not ideal for initiating combos.
  • [Z] Shivering Possession: Difficult to control, inconsistent travel distance past the enemy after hitting, and may result in being hit by NPCs if used at close/mid range, hindering grinding. Effects can obstruct vision, making combos challenging.
  • [X] Spectral Release: Vulnerable to punishment if missed, effective only at close range.
  • [C] Cries of the Underworld: Maximum damage achievable only at close range, can be dodged by Instinct.
  • [V] Ghost Busters: Requires close proximity to enemies for ghosts to target them, may accidentally hit allies under specific circumstances, and ghosts have limited HP (same as the player's).
  • [F] Wandering Soul: Slower compared to other flight moves.

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