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The dark fruit, classified as a type, is available at a price of 500k beli or an alternative of 950 robux. Its present trading value is400k, reflecting its position in the market. The demand for it is currently 3/10. Our expert team estimates its trend is to be Stable.

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Dark - Overview

  • The Dark Fruit, categorized as an Uncommon Elemental type, is available for 500,000 Money or 950 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer.

  • Regarded as one of the top fruits in PvP when awakened, the Dark Fruit is praised for its lengthy stuns and teleportation ability. This facilitates smooth execution of Sword and Gun combos, particularly if users have dedicated their focus to Sword and Gun skills rather than Blox Fruit abilities.
In-Game Price500k
Trade Value400k

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In-Game Price

Trade Value

In-Game Price

Trade Value



Elemental ReflexThe user gains immunity to all types of physical attacks if either the user is a certain number of levels above the NPC or if the target does not have Aura enabled.icon


Dark Rocks

Z-Key Dark Rocks IconDark Rocks1 Mastery
  • The user pushes their hand forward, grabbing rocks from the ground and leaving a crater, as the rocks with a black aura are fired towards the direction they aimed at.


Dimensional Slash

Z-Key Dimensional Slash IconDimensional Slash1 MasteryFragmentIcon 500 500
  • The user summons a dark sword and launches a small vertical slash towards their cursor that applies a small blinding effect. The user then teleports near the target, dealing damage.

Pros & Cons


  • Boasts impressive stuns, making it a top pick for sword or gun enthusiasts.
  • Regardless of stat allocation, it remains effective, as the sword can be utilized to finish opponents for sword mains.
  • Offers decent damage output, complemented by its remarkable stuns, making it a solid choice for fruit enthusiasts.
  • Facilitates Boss battles by launching them away, unless Awakened X is employed.
  • Grants additional Teleportation with Dark F.
  • Exceptionally effective for PvP when utilized skillfully.
  • Supports combos effectively.
  • Suited for grinding due to its Elemental effect.
  • Awakened Dark's X, C, and V moves all disrupt Instinct upon direct impact.
  • Awakened X and C moves necessitate holding for maximum damage; however, missed attempts can be canceled, enabling escape before opponents exploit the momentary immobility. This feature is advantageous for grinding bosses, allowing minimal damage to be dealt when they're at extremely low health, facilitating the use of preferred grinding weapons with only one sword or gun stat.
  • Ideal for new players due to its Elemental classification and low mastery requirements, enabling easier access to its full moveset.


  • Awakened X and C moves require holding for substantial damage, leaving users vulnerable to counters if they miss.
  • Most moves immobilize the player, making them susceptible to counterattacks if enemies dodge, except for Awakened X and Awakened C, which require holding. Unawakened X allows movement but disables dashing or using other moves, potentially resulting in drowning if the player falls into water.
  • Dimensional Slash features a minuscule hitbox, causing players with poor aim to miss shots and failing to disrupt Instinct.
  • The fruit's range and damage output are notably lower compared to other options, even when in its awakened state.
  • Despite being proficient in comboing, Shark V3 or Cyborg V3 can counter these combos with their abilities, especially Cyborg, which can disrupt the Dark Awakened X and C moves when held, potentially escaping a combo.
  • The startup lag of Awakened Dark V disables instinct for its duration.
  • Unawakened Dark is not well-suited for aerial combat.
  • Like other fruits except Ice and Magma V2 (unless equipped with Shark V2 or V3), water poses a disadvantage.
  • V1 C, V2 Z, and V1 Z have small hitboxes.
  • Awakened V incurs significant endlag, making users susceptible to punishment if they miss.
  • The F move provides limited teleportation distance, and the Z move cannot be utilized for teleportation if there are no players or NPCs nearby, resulting in poor mobility.
  • Ice serves as a somewhat effective counter to this fruit, as its moves are primarily ground-based and stun opponents for extended durations, countering the ground-based moves of this fruit that immobilize players.

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