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The venom fruit, classified as a type, is available at a price of 3m beli or an alternative of 2.45k robux. Its present trading value is9m, reflecting its position in the market. The demand for it is currently 6/10. Our expert team estimates its trend is to be Stable.

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venom - overview

  • The Venom Fruit, belonging to the Mythical Natural type, is priced at 3,000,000 Money or 2,450 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer.

  • Widely regarded as one of the most formidable fruits in the game, it owes its reputation to its passive abilities, significant damage output, and user-friendly nature. It stands out as one of the most versatile fruits for both farming and PvP, thanks to its transformation. Activating this transformation results in dealing substantial damage to all enemies within the user's range. However, unlocking this transformation requires a high mastery level of 300, making it less suitable for players in the first sea.
In-Game Price3m
Trade Value9m

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In-Game Price

Trade Value

In-Game Price

Trade Value



Fury MeterUpon spawning, the user starts with 50% of their "Fury Meter" filled. A full Fury Meter is required for transformation. Fury naturally regenerates over time but decreases during transformation and when using moves in that state, each move reducing the meter by varying amounts. While transformed, the user gains an estimated 55% defense buff along with enhanced attacks.
Deadly VenomCertain attacks of Venom (X, C, and F explosion) inflict a poisonous miasma within their radius, dealing significant damage to NPCs and players caught within it. This effect also darkens the screen and causes it to wobble.
Puddles of PoisonThe user can generate poisonous puddles with specific attacks (Z, X, and Transformed C). These puddles damage enemies upon contact but do not emit miasma. Enemies stepping out of the puddles cease to be affected.
Venom DropWhile transformed, performing multiple air jumps or falling from a significant height triggers a small explosion upon landing, leaving behind poison puddles. The spread of these puddles is not affected by the duration of the fall.



Z KeyPoison Daggers1 Mastery
  • The user fires a barrage of poisonous blades similar to Dragon C and Light X and launches them at the enemy with all landing simultaneously on the target. This leaves a puddle of Venom Miasma on the ground. Holding Z will make you fire more blades.

Moveset (Transformed)

Poison Daggers

Z-Key IconPoison Daggers1 Mastery
  • The user fires a barrage of venom projectiles, this time the venom shots seem red, deals more damage and has a bigger hitbox and range.

Pros & Cons


  • Close-Range Dominance: Excels in close-range battles, especially in enclosed spaces, leveraging powerful moves like poisonous puddles.
  • Transformation Boost: Transformed state grants significantly boosted attacks and substantial defense against enemy attacks.
  • Versatility: Effective in both air and ground combat scenarios.
  • Instinct Drain: Passive ability drains Instinct dodges, rendering the enemy's Instinct nearly useless against Venom.
  • Puddle Persistence: Venom puddles remain on the ground for a considerable duration, providing strategic advantage and cooldown regeneration time.
  • Fury Meter Replenishment: Damaging NPCs or players accelerates the replenishment of the Fury meter.
  • Grinding Efficiency: High damage output with minimal knockback makes it excellent for grinding, especially among more expensive fruits.
  • Hydra Form: During transformation, immunity to basic LMB attacks from NPCs enhances survivability.
  • Highest Calculable Damage: Capable of dealing the highest calculable damage among all fruits in the game.
  • Water Mobility: Venom's F move allows movement on water without damage, offering tactical advantages.
  • [Z] Poison Daggers: Provides ranged damage with auto-aiming capability.
  • [X] Noxious Shot: Auto-aims toward the nearest enemy with a reliable hitbox.
  • [C] Toxic Fog: Breaks Instinct and offers passive damage over time.
  • [F] Serpent’s Wrath: Flight speed increases with lower health during transformation, facilitating quick movement and homing attacks on enemies post-flight.


  • Stationary Toxic Fog: When used while transformed, Toxic Fog remains stationary, making it easier for enemies to avoid, despite its large hitbox.
  • Difficulty of Obtaining: Obtaining Venom is challenging, contributing to its rarity and value.
  • Full Fury Meter Requirement: Transformation requires a full Fury Meter, imposing a condition for accessing its powerful state.
  • Slow Fury Meter Recharge: Like Dragon, it takes 1 minute and 25 seconds for the Fury Meter to fully recharge, limiting the frequency of transformations.
  • Limited Range: All moves have limited range, requiring closer proximity to enemies for effectiveness.
  • Slow Projectiles: Projectiles from Venom's moves travel slowly, potentially allowing enemies to evade them with quick movements.
  • Non-Stacking Poison Effect: Poison effects from different moves do not stack; if afflicted with one poison effect and then hit by another, the new effect cancels out the old one, and vice versa.

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